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Trades and Contractors for hire in Victoria, BC

Welcome to Victoria Contracting. If you are looking for contracting, trades people or information about building and construction in Victoria, British Columbia please visit our Indoor Contracting page.

Are you thinking about building your own home or doing some renovations but don’t know where to start? Well you have found the right place!

Here you will find all sorts of great information that might help you save money or at least find a good person for your job who builds things the right way.

This is just a website about building and construction created by people who know very little about said subject. We as website builders know nothing about building houses nor do we know anything about construction. That is the whole point of why we built this site. We think there are probably a lot of people in Victoria who don’t know to replace a toilet, frame and drywall a room to code or rebuild the entire front of their house because of a termite infestation. These things happened to me and luckily, so far the people who helped me did a great job. We can help you find someone who has been suggested by someone esle who visited our site and that other person who had to have the same thing done to their house. 🙂 We do not take responsibility nor liability for anything to do with you finding a trades person, contractor, consultant, worker or anything on our site. It is not our opinion nor our suggestion that you should hire anyone on our site.

On a more positive note: Please tell us if you know someone who deserves recognition for their great work and we will post it on our site. We provide contacts, referrals and testimonials.

Our site is organized into four categories.

Indoor Contracting

Within the indoor contracting section you will find great information to help you finish or fix the inside of your home. Here you will find usefull information that should help you hire Plumbers, dry wallers, electricians, heating duct construction, carpenters, kitchen renovation specialists and more.

Outdoor Contracting

Contract out your outdoor construction and labour. The outdoor contracting section of our site features trades people who work as masons, architects, outdoor carpenters, septic field construction, pavers, brick layers and many other outdoor trades.

Indoor Maintenance

Indoor maintenance includes plumbers who specialize in residential plumbing (dirty jobs), chimney cleaning services, painters, interior decorators and designers.

Outdoor Maintenance

We have assembled a great list of local lawn mowing services, landscaping companies as well as roofers and oddjob joes who can take care of pretty much everything outside.

Municipal & Commercial Maintenance

Some of the companies we have listed also work within the municipal and commercial maintenance industry providing landscaping services, security, painting, power washing, road line painting and waste management services.